Research Objectives, Journey and Goals

I am a final year PhD candidate at IITB-Monash Research Academy working with Professor Devanathan Parthasarathy (IIT Bombay, India) and Professor Dharma Arunachalam (Monash University, Australia). My expertise lies primarily at the intersection of gender, religion, malnutrition and society. I have done my BA and MA in Sociology at Presidency University (Kolkata, India)and currently pursuing PhD in Sociology.

I have over 8+ years of experience in conducting research exploring various dimensions of society and gender. During the various field works and research studies conducted in different parts of India during my undergraduate studies and initial years of my graduate studies, I got exposed to the levels of child malnutrition and eventually decided to pursue my PhD dedicated to this field. Children are our future. For any nation to develop, it is important to ensure their well-being. However, child malnutrition is widespread in several countries including India. Child malnutrition is the outcome of a complex interaction of different factors. It is time this interaction is identified, problematized and analyzed — so that child malnutrition can hopefully be eradicated. Over the years, I have analyzed the various factors effecting this issue and looked into this problem through the unique lens of culture, kinship and relations.

I am not only deeply interested in pursuing studies related to child malnutrition and gender but also keen to explore policy and administrative aspects of this issue through effective collaboration with the government at state and national levels. I am confident that research in this direction will add a significant brick or two in the edifice we are trying to build to eradicate child nutrition.

Research Coverage

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